Company Overview

Powerwell is a global specialist in power distribution management. We offer comprehensive product and service solutions from the product development level to the complexity of power distribution design.

Driven by long track record of innovation success and experience accumulated during the past 20 over years, Powerwell stands tall as a renowned manufacturer of quality Low Voltage (LV) switchboards, such as Main Switchboard, Auto Main Failure Switchboard, Auto Synchronize Switchboard, Withdrawable Motor Control Center and Air Conditioning Control Board and other related products.

Furthermore, Powerwell also positions as a leading power distribution solutions provider with outstanding supports from our business and technology collaboration with our partners internationally.

Today, Powerwell possesses a strong presence in 13 nations worldwide and projecting advance innovated developments as time progress. 

At Powerwell, we believe in ‘Empowering Possibilities’ – the potential action and realization to create marvels that benefits our everyday life.

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